These Sports Cars Battle It Out: Toyota Supra vs. BMW Z4

These Sports Cars Battle it Out: Toyota Supra vs BMW Z4

These Sports Cars Battle It Out: Toyota Supra vs. BMW Z4

Here at Toyota of Wallingford, we care about your time. You want the best two-seat sports car, and we want to help you find it. To help you get the best sports car, we’ve decided to compare two of them - the Toyota Supra vs. BMW Z4.

With a complete comparison of these two sports cars, which comes out on top?

Power And Fuel Efficiency

Driver Assist Technology Both vehicles have an impressive arsenal of safety and infotainment technologies at higher trims.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control makes for a smooth, easy drive
  • Heated Mirrors ensure you’ll never worry about fogged up visibility
  • The Trip Computer will keep track of all the details and alert you when anything needs attending to
  • A Vehicle Anti-Theft System puts your mind at ease, knowing your car is safe
  • Backup Cameras and A Universal Garage Door Opener make getting home and parked easier and safer

An Interior Cargo Shade, only in the Toyota Supra, keeps your items safe from heat and sun damage. Similarly, there is a Remote Trunk Release that’s only available for the BMW Z4.

These Sports Cars Battle It Out Toyota Supra vs. BMW Z4 - Supra

Interior and Exterior Style

One of the most influential aspects of a luxury sports car is its appearance. And these two certainly do not disappoint.

The Toyota Supra has a sleek all-black interior with carbon fiber finishings, a leather steering wheel, and leather-trimmed sports seats. Among the many colors available, red is known to turn heads, drawing attention to any lineup.

The BMW Z4, however, has a less striking exterior but a flashy inside. Brightly colored seats and details contrast with a dark interior. The convertible top lends it a lot of sophisticated style.

Value for Price

Comparing the starting MSRPs for Toyota Supra vs. BMW Z4, the Supra is nearly $10,000 cheaper. And as you go up in trim level and add-ons, the gap stays wide.

Of the two, the Toyota Supra is the one to attract attention with its unique design. It also has a sound unlike any other car when in sports mode, with pops and snaps designed to catch the interest of anyone who hears it.

The BMW Z4 is a more sedate vehicle in sound and design unless the top is down and the flashy color of the seats can be seen. It handles more smoothly than the Toyota Supra, with less immediate reactions from the driver.

Toyota Supra vs. BMW Z4: Who Wins?

When it comes to these two sports cars, the Supra is an obvious win. It’s a less expensive, flashier car, with all the benefits the BMW Z4 has and more. Everything you want in a sports car can be found in the Toyota Supra.

So if you’re ready to start driving a great car like the Toyota Supra, come by Toyota of Wallingford to get the best vehicles at affordable prices!