Toyota Simplifies Production: Less Parts for More Models

Whether you leave our dealership in Wallingford, CT behind the wheel of a new Toyota rugged pickup or a smaller sedan, it's a given that you have your hands on a well-crafted machine. But the common ground shared by all Toyota models will extend far beyond their quality. The auto brand is looking to revamp its auto parts to make them compatible across the entire lineup versus with one particular model.

The driving motivation behind the shift to less variety in terms of external, internal, and technical parts is the Japanese automaker's wish to reduce the number of parts it needs to build its cars, which can be accomplished by simply increasing the amount of components shared amongst models. For instance, if the Corolla and Yaris utilize different parts for their steering setup, Toyota will accommodate both models with one system of parts.

Toyota's cutbacks on unnecessary extra parts will not only reduce costs but also time needed to produce and assemble each and every model. For Toyota of Wallingford, and other Toyota dealers, that may mean a future lineup that is even more affordable, with more of it available. Streamlining the manufacturing process will also help our Toyota Express Maintenance Center team handle service tasks more efficiently, since more vehicles will require similar fixes and maintenance.

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