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Welcome to Toyota of Wallingford's social media page, where you'll find links to all our networking sites. We look forward to sharing information about us, not found through the normal channels. Social media gives us a unique chance to interact with our customers in a different light. We look forward to hearing from you and we hope you'll look forward to hearing from us.

Facebook is a worldwide social networking site that began as a site strictly for college kids to get to know each other. As the social media world took off, Facebook slowly became a network for everyone. Similar to Myspace, Facebook also allows users to friend each other and send messages back and forth allowing for unique interactions to happen. If you become our Fan, you're able to get news and updates about our dealership.

YouTube is a worldwide video sharing website with everything from home-made amateur videos and blogging to TV/movie clips and professionally shot videos. Check out our monthly specials videos and video clips of our Monster Trucks.

Twitter is a micro-blogging site that allows users to post messages called Tweets to tell people what is going on at the moment. A Tweet is a text-based post consisting of no more than 140 characters. These tweets, when posted, go out to followers who have subscribed to the certain account. Sign up to our Twitter account to learn about us and tweet back so we can learn about you.

Google Plus is a social network site developed by google. Join us and get updates about new, incentives and specials from Toyota of Wallingford.

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