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Toyota Simplifies Production: Less Parts for More Models

Whether you leave our dealership in Wallingford, CT behind the wheel of a new Toyota rugged pickup or a smaller sedan, it's a given that you have your hands on a well-crafted machine. But the common ground shared by all Toyota models will extend far beyond their quality. The auto brand is looking to revamp its auto parts to make them compatible across the entire lineup versus with one particular model.

The driving motivation…

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Going EV is Easy with Toyota's New Smart Mobility Park

Toyota of Wallingford is much more than a dealership, we also offer a auto service department and sponsor an annual charity golf tournament! Like us, the automaker's reach extends well beyond its lineup of valued vehicles. In fact, many of the brand's alternative products can be found in the Japanese metropolis named after it: Toyota City.

The city boasts an especially friendly district-- eco-friendly, that is-- that goes by the name of…

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New Toyota 4Runner Prepares for Festival Season

As you've probably noticed on our blog, most debuts of new Toyota models occur at big name auto shows like those in New York, Geneva, or Seoul. Leave it to the auto brand to take the road less driven with the upcoming reveal of the new 4Runner SUV. Toyota is changing their tune to deliver its first-ever public unveiling at a major music festival.

The 2013 Stagecoach Country Music Festival taking place this weekend…

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It's Adventure Time for New Toyota RAV4 Concept

The Toyota RAV4 is a popular car among drivers of the Hartford, Bristol, and Middletown areas. It has enough space for your family, is an efficient alternative to bigger haulers, and versatile in terms of purpose, terrain, and weather. At the recent Geneva Motor Show, Toyota took something great and made it better. The automaker revealed a brand-new RAV4 concept.

Going by the RAV4 "Adventure," this model is ready for one. Don't let the…

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Toyota to Export Venza to More Overseas Markets

Toyota is a brand committed to global expansion. And, as it stands, the Japanese automaker builds 124,000 new Toyota models (70 percent of the production total) right here in the U.S. and exports its products to 21 markets, worldwide.

And, speaking of exportation, Toyota, being on top of market trends is set to export its flagship Toyota Venza crossover to new, thriving markets overseas, in Europe.

Specifically, after the first batch of new…

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Take your New Toyota to the Toyota USA Automobile Museum

We at Toyota of Wallingford a new Toyota and used car dealership serving the Wallingford, Bristol, Middletown and Woodbridge areas are incredibly interested in Toyota history; especially in America. That's why, when we heard that Toyota had a USA Automobile Museum located in South California we were excited to say the very least.

As are the patrons who visit the venue which is located right around the corner from Toyota's U.S. headquarters…

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New Toyota Partnership: It's Happening

On the Toyota of Wallingford blog we're committed to keeping you up to date with the latest Toyota news. And, whether this news is surrounding exciting new Toyota models or parts we enjoy sharing it with those of you in the Wallingford, Bristol, Middletown and Woodbridge areas.

And, today's news is some that involves all of the abovementioned topics; as well as a competing brand which will soon join Toyota in a partnership…

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2013 Avalon Receives Praise from Kelley Blue Book (and Toyota of Wallingford)

If you're in the market for a fun, dependable, efficient and stylish mid-size sedan, then Toyota of Wallingford serving the Wallingford, Bristol, Middletown and Woodbridge areas would like to recommend considering the 2013 Toyota Avalon. Redesigned for the 2013 year, and available in a hybrid variant, the Avalon offers drivers the utmost in luxury with its comfort, convenience and technology features.

And, though we at Toyota of Wallingford, being a Toyota dealership, highly praise…

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12 New Toyota Models Chosen as IIHS Top Safety Picks

No matter how you slice it, safety should be, and often is, the number one concern drivers consider when they're in the market for a new auto. And, while it's true a vehicle is only as safe as the person who's driving it, there are certain mechanisms that automakers can put into place to help make the vehicles they offer as safe as possible.

Enter our favorite brand, Toyota. In case you…

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Toyota Considers Hybrid Variant for RAV4 Lineup

Quite recently, the brand-new, redesigned 2014 Toyota RAV4 was introduced to eager auto fans at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show. The new model featured exciting revamps and since its debut has attracted many a fan praising the auto for its innovation and modern style. But, it also left a few wondering what Toyota has in store next for the RAV4 in terms of variants.

One very intriguing speculation has piqued our interest, and that…

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